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Informative Things to Know About Flexible LVL Beam

by Ruby

Manufacturers make the laminated veneer lumber (LVL) by gluing together several wood veneer layers with wood grains. The engineered wood makes edge-forming materials, rim board, beams, and headers; the lvl beam is engineered wood’s most common use. Do you have a project that requires a flexible LVL beam? You are probably excited to get started and achieve your goals. As you buy the LVL beams from Alibaba, the best you can do is to start by knowing what the beam is all about.

Things to learn about a flexible LVL beam

LVL is a wood-constructed material but with a lot of advantages. For instance, it has a very stable strength that makes it applicable in various projects. Also, its shape, size, and dimension are not limited to exact figures because it is generally manufactured. Here is a simple informative description of much more you need to know about the LVL beam.

What is the LVL beam’s use?

The LVL beam’s size is compatible with most building designs. It is a very reliable material with the same characteristics as large-sized timbers. When one combines the LVL with glulam, it makes an incredibly strong beam. The beam’s strength is higher than some wood species of the same size. The strength of the beam also ensures that it can bear a significant load in the construction process. It is ideal for kitchen walls that contain tile, countertops, and cabinets. The LVL beam is also perfect for laundry rooms and bathroom walls. Minor kitchen, laundry, and bathroom wall flaws can disrupt your perfect finish.

Is the LVL beam worth it?

The LVL beam can develop an excellent wooden finish at a fraction of the cost and work that solid wood needs. Thus, engineered wood is a perfect construction material. One of the best things about the beam is its different treatments, wood types, and thickness. You can choose one that resonates with you and matches your requirements.

How durable is the LVL beam?

The durability of the LVL beam solely depends on how well you care for it. If you protect it from rain, it may serve you for a long time. Thus, the trick to ensuring the beam lasts longer is keeping it away from too much contact with water.

What is the LVL beam’s quality?

The laminated veneer lumber is one of the quality construction materials. Its quality mainly comes from its strength and density. The LVL is two times stronger in tension and compression than the regular framing lumber of the same size. The higher quality beams will serve you for an extended period.

Is the LVL wood the same as plywood?

The only similarity between the LVL wood and plywood is in appearance. However, the main difference comes in each veneer’s grain orientation. LVL’s veneer stacks up in one direction while plywood does so in a switch direction.


The LVL beam comes from the engineering of wood through gluing wood veneers. The resultant wood is stronger than the regular wood. Its strength is the reason why any beam from LVL can withstand heavy loads.

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