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Factors To Consider When Buying Aeroponic Tower Garden

by Ruby

A few years back, no one could have imagined growing plants without soil. That is understood as what will stabilize the roots and provide nutrients and water to the plants, if not soil. But as the world advances in every aspect, so is gardening and its techniques.

The aeroponic tower garden is the most popular form of non-traditional gardening method. It uses hydroponics principles to grow plants. Aeroponics ensures a good output in less span.

So, are you up for this amazing invention to cultivate plants in the limited space of your terrace or backyard? Also, do you not have enough time for maintenance?

Let me make it easy for you and enlighten you with all the features you need to look for while choosing an ideal aeroponic tower garden.

What Are the Essential Things to Consider While Choosing An Aeroponic Tower Garden?

1) Material

The aeroponic tower should be made of UV-stabilized and food-grade plastic. Bisphenol A is known to have hazardous effects on the human body thus, it is important to choose BPA-free plastic. Only high-grade resins should be used for edible plants.

Translucent systems had been used by a lot of gardeners previously, but now it is confirmed that these transparent plastics promote algae growth. That is why it is not only about the material but the opacity of the plastic as well.

2) Size

Aeroponic towers garden come in a variety of sizes and designs. But instead of being charmed by the fancier and more extensive ones, pay attention to the measurements. The space at your home that you want to turn into a garden will decide the dimensions of the aeroponic tower you buy. If you have a small area, choose a small or medium-scale tower.

3)Number of plants: If you have a specific digit in your mind, then choose the tower with the relevant capacity. All the towers have a predetermined number of excavations in them. It could have a limit of 20 craters on the minimum side or could exceed a capacity of 200 plants cultivated at a time.

4) Types Of Plants

The best thing about aeroponics is that it has been manufactured in a way that it could hold and grow almost all plant species.

Certain plant features should be considered, such as its need for light, humidity, food, and water other than its size.

Another crucial point to remember is the variety of plants that will be neighboring one another in the coming days. One plant could easily intrude on the other’s space while growing in such a limited area.

5) Setup

The system comes with preinstalled fixtures. It requires an electrical connection to keep the motor and misting working efficiently, usually an electrical hook-up, but if you are not electrically educated, then it’s better to opt for a normal plugging system.

6) Other Important Features

If you wish to omit labor completely, then buy the aeroponic systems with fully functional timers. Also, as these run on electricity, ensure the systems you buy are energy efficient.

Apart from these, go for the designs that add beauty to your house. The color coordinates with its surroundings for an elegant look.


Aeroponic tower garden is a better option than hydroponics as it nullifies the need for water as well. I am optimistic that the guide was resourceful enough to help you make a list of all that you are seeking in a system.

In this busy era where technology has divided our chores and is speeding up towards a healthier and greener tomorrow, let these aeroponic systems take over and flourish our green spaces for us.

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