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10 Asian Candies You Must Try

by Ruby

Your mouth sings happiness as soon as candy embraces your taste buds. The all-time favorite snack, candies, has managed to stay on the top. Think of the wonders a single candy can do. Calm a wailing child instantly with a sweet. The brightness of his eyes on receiving a candy is priceless. Celebrating a moment, and here comes the candy to double the happiness.

The Candyland is pretty gigantic. Literally, no one can count the available varieties; however, Asian candies are one of a kind. They are top-notch and are known for their fun flavors and a somewhat healthier side than sugar-centered candies.

In this intriguing blog post, we are going you tantalize your taste buds with the imagination of ten drool-worthy asian candy.

1- Chocolate-Coated Peanut Candy

The goodness of peanuts and the supremacy of chocolate collaborate to form the chocolate peanut candy. This is just heaven imagine nibbling the candy with a slightly firm, chocolate texture on the outside and a crunchy core. This transition from creamy indulgence into a sudden crunch is out of this world. The clever use of peanuts caters to the nutritional side as well. So, you won’t be guilty of consuming more sweets than usual.

2- Tamarind Candy

The tangy tamarind is an essential part of Asian cuisine. Playing with tamarind in different ways has yielded many striking outcomes, one of which is the tamarind candy. The union of sweet and sour is mind-blowing. A creative mind must have produced the idea of making candy by fusing tamarind and sugar. Try it and yearn for more!

3- Almond and Peanut Cookies

Asian cookies are way different than others. They are more buttery and loaded with nuts. Get your fair share of a wholesome cookie loaded with almonds and peanuts. The roasted nuts, while the cookie bakes, taste bob.

4- Jam-Filled Gummy Candy

These shots of goodness are worth melting for. Gummies alone are always one of the top picks. Think of gummies hiding booster shots of jam inside them. As soon as you burst the gummy, out comes the candied jam. This little surprise can surely make your moment a good one!

5- Sugar-Free Mint Press Candy

Asian cuisine values health. Therefore, experts have always formulated eatables best for the human body. The use of mint in candies needs no introduction, but the Asian sugar-free mint press candy is above all. The mint refreshes your buccal cavity and the candy being sugar-free saves you from other complications while you enjoy a euphoric candy dose.

6- Baked Crackers

Asian candies are not literally sugar dumps but healthier snacks. Every munching option is considered a candy. Bakes crackers are the perfect snacks to nibble while enjoying movie time with family.

7- Mixed Fruity Flavor Ring Pop

Get ready to dive into an ocean of surprises if you have bought the mixed fruity-flavored ring pop. This candy is simply the best, with the juicy core enclosed by a soft and squishy jelly exterior. The wiggly jelly makes it just wow!

8- Almond Crush Chocolate Cookies

Molded into lean sticks, the perfectly balanced chocolate-coated and almond-embedded cookies are exceptional. Almond crushed chocolate cookies are a healthy option and common in Asian markets. The sight of adults and kids getting it never gets blurred.

9- Plum Chili Gummy Candy

Plum chili candies are known for their perfectly sweet, hot, squishy, and sour affair. Dusted with plum powder, the tamarind-flavored gummies, this delicacy has cut through the Candyland.

10- Noodles Snack

Resembling noodles, these thin hair-like snacks are great to go! Once you start munching on them and we bet you won’t stop. Seasoned with the best spices, these are enough to trigger your buds.


Asian candies have indeed beaten the test of time. They are unique and much on the healthier side. The balance of two opposite flavors in most Asian candies has distinguished them pretty well from the typical candies. Mixing tamarind, mint, and others with sugar has yielded dynamic and delectable confectionaries.

Reach out to a suitable platform to store them before they run out of stock.

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